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Rete di Organizzazioni per aiutare gli orfani della siberia orientale

Shamanism is one of the oldest religions in the world. It has always existed in Buriatia. For millenniums shamans have prayed and celebrated their most magical rituals. These rituals are dedicated to the worship of the supreme deity Tengri and to the ancestral spirits. It is considered that Lake Baikal’s central location and its very special energy makes it the mother of all human life, a sacred place dedicated to the Eternal Blue Sky.
The workshop is an event and is unique both to Lake Baikal’s history and to Buriatia. We have invited leading experts, scientists and esoteric in order to pass down ancient world knowledge. The workshop will be held on the lake’s bank near the village of Enkhaluk. The environment is in direct contact with nature and far from any form of civilization. The forest, sandy beaches, the purest water in the world and the nightlife fires along the lake shores help to make the experience even more mystical and alive. Classes (conferences) will be held either outdoors in nature (in the woods and on the lake’s banks) or in specially prepared locations. Classes will be held by the Great Shamana Nadia Stepanova who will be accompanied by her practitioners, local shamans, and the most important experts in Siberian shamanism in the world. Pshenichnikova Raissa, Director at the Academy of Culture and Art of Eastern Siberia will chair The Organizing Committee. This is a true full immersion course and training in Siberian Shamanism and not just a tourist trip. Scientists and anthropologists from all around the world are invited as is anyone interested in the Spiritual Path.